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    Dec 2006
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    Husqvarna has hired a company to run their contiingency program for 2009. Here is the link ti their site.

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    Nov 2008
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    It took me a while to find it but here is a perhaps more pertinant link.

    Unless you are an AA (top 15 from last year in local NETRA) you only get husky bucks.
    2008 or 2009 models only
    If it is the dealer's bike it has to be paid for in full
    There must be a minimum of seven (7) riders registered in class at motocross events for the contingency to be paid. In a two-moto format, contingency is paid based on the overall finish in class.
    There must be a minimum of five (5) riders registered in class at off-road events for the contingency to be paid. In off-road events with a team format, a minimum of five (5) teams must be registered in class for the contingency to be paid.
    If a rider competes in multiple classes at one event, the rider is only paid for the highest finish per VIN - there will be no multiple class payouts at the same event on the same machine.
    In cases of multiple divisions of the same class, contingency will only be paid for one division, as specified by the promoter and race officials.
    Contingency will be paid when results are confirmed with the event sanctioning body.
    Riders falsifying claims will be automatically disqualified from the contingency program.
    This contingency program is subject to change. Husqvarna’s interpretation of the rules of this program is final."

    If you sign up for bantam class and five don't sign up I guess you are out of luck. There is a good chance the scores they post will not show those who houred out in less than half the checks as c high point. (or whatever ability level you are in) besides it appears they only pay 2 places in the classes I could enter. I guess $50 and $25 isn't bad for c class enduro if enough get scored.

    I wonder how they will choose to change the rusle as time goes by which the reserve the right to do. Will they allow 2010 models in once they are released if that comes before the last race?


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    Does anyone know where I can start husky spec racing?


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